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Every Parent’s A Winner with Haliborange

Every Parent’s A Winner with Haliborange

Haliborange are working with Olympic medallist, Greg Rutherford, and his fiancé and social media influencer, Susie Verrill, with the aim to help celebrate parents and their every-day ‘small parenting wins’.

We celebrate the everyday parent; the parent who considers a parenting win when the kids get out of the door on time or manages to take their vitamins each day. For us, every parent is a winner.

Watch the video of Greg and Susie telling us their parenting wins…

We’ve conducted some research to uncover the pressures of parenting and to reveal insights into how being a parent is a tough job.

In today’s society, this already difficult job can be made tougher as a result of our Instagram-happy, Pinterest-perfect culture, where the content posted by some parents online can sometimes lead to 49% of other parents feeling under pressure to be ‘perfect’.

Almost half of those surveyed have compared themselves to other parents on social media, and new research released today by Haliborange reveals that most parents think parenthood is often portrayed in an unrealistic light online.

As parents are preparing for their kids to start or return back to school, 83% of parents agree that everyday realistic ‘small parenting wins’ should be celebrated more often. These wins are important because the research shows that 22% of parents feel like they are failing as a parent.

We know parenting isn’t always easy, here are the top 5 things British parents consider as small parenting wins:

  1. Getting children out of the house in time for school
  2. Getting children to eat some of their food at mealtimes
  3. Having a cup of tea or coffee whilst it’s still hot
  4. Going out in clean clothes
  5. Going to the toilet in peace

Greg Rutherford comments on the importance of nutrition and the details on the campaign:

“As a retired athlete and now a stay-at-home Dad, it’s important to me that our children get the vitamins and minerals they need with a balanced diet, to support a healthy and happy lifestyle.

With our son, Milo, starting school for the first time in September, any small win will make our busy lives as parents easier. Haliborange has helped make our life so much easier, ensuring our kids diets are topped up with essential vitamins like Vitamin D to support strong bones and healthy teeth.

With the increasing pressures around ‘Instagram perfect parenting’, getting our kids to simply take their tasty vitamin every morning is considered not only a small win but a huge win!

We want all parents to feel this same sense of achievement in their everyday ‘small wins’ such as getting to nursery on time or getting kids to eat at mealtimes.

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