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Top tips for
after school snacks

Top tips for after school snacks

That post school hunger can be problematic. Kids are hungry after a hard day’s school, yet give them the wrong foods and they won’t eat their dinner. Here are some kid’s healthy snacks ideas that are nutritious and won’t stop them eating their dinner.

Watermelon ice lollies

Watermelon is a great pre-dinner snack. The majority of it is water, so moves through the stomach fairly quickly. Children can confuse thirst for hunger, so giving them a food that had a large percentage water, but still feels like food is a great start. Blend the water melon and pour into lolly moulds and pop in the freezer. Ice lollies take a fairly long time to eat, keeping your child occupied for a while.

Cucumber and celery sticks with hummus

Cucumber and celery again contain a large proportion of water and lots of nutrition. The hummus adds some nutritious flavour. Hummus contains chickpeas which are rich in folate, needed for normal function of the immune system, helping to keep your child well.

Fruit skewers

These are attractive for children of any age as they are easy on the eyes. They also encourage children to eat a variety of fruit. Eating fruit in this way takes a little longer as you either need to choose a piece and bit it off the stick or tactfully slide of off the end. The longer it takes us to eat a meal, the less we need to eat until we feel full. This is because the bodies ‘full’ receptors do not kick in straight away.

Dehydrated vegetable chips and salsa

Dehydrated vegetables chips are fun and nutritious snack. The multitude of colours and tastes make them more interesting than potato crisps. Slice the vegetables of your choice finely with a vegetable peeler. Pop them in the oven on the lowest heat or in the dehydrator if you have one. Drying rather than cooking helps to preserve some of the nutrients that would otherwise be destroyed. Salsa can be easily made with blended tomatoes and spices. Dipping the chips in the salsa slows down the eating process as well as provide vitamin C and Lycopene.

Banana milk shake

Simply combine the banana with nut milk and add some cinnamon. Because of the thick liquid consistency, the shake will sit in the stomach and help to give the sensation of fullness before moving through the stomach.

Baked spiced chickpeas

A great snack for children to eat with their hands. It takes a while to eat the chick peas individually meaning that your child will need to eat less. Chickpeas contain a small amount of protein which is needed for the growth of muscles in children. Add spices to cooked chickpeas and pop in the oven on a low temperature.

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